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Handcuffed in JailSomeone in Sandoval County jail facing murder or manslaughter charges?

You may feel overwhelmed, frightened, but this problem calls for action, not feelings. The best solution begins with a single step: finding a good lawyer. If you are helping someone in custody on an open count of murder or vehicular homicide in the Sandoval County Detention Center, or elsewhere, I can request a hearing and ask the judge to lower the cash or property bond although usually that is not successful. Each homicide case is different as I navigate through the court system, argue to dismiss, persuade jurors to sign the correct verdict, seek the lightest sentence possible, appeal to higher courts, and every possible task in between.

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Criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations by phone, e-mail and in person. There is never any obligation to hire a lawyer, and consultations are an excellent way to gain trust and confidence in your decision to hire me. Often the question is not who to hire, but how to afford a down payment and installments within your budget spread out over time.

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During regular business hours (9-5, M-F) you may reach my legal secretary who will want some basic information about your case. If you happen to catch me in the office, we can talk right away or as soon as I return. If we are both out of the office, leave a quick message and we will call you right back. After hours, voice messages and emails are forwarded to both of our cell phones to answer only if time permits. Rest assured, we will contact you the next business day.

May 01, 2016