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Accused of a Crime? Arrested?

Someone in jail needs help? Or are you facing criminal charges?

You may feel overwhelmed, frightened, but this problem calls for action, not feelings. The best solution begins with a single step: finding a good lawyer. Before arrest in criminal cases, I may convince the prosecutor not to file charges or at least to issue a summons, avoiding the embarrassment of arrest and jail until the first hearing. If you are helping someone in custody in Northern New Mexico, I can request a hearing and ask the judge to lower the cash or property bond. If you already saw the judge and have been released, the court expects you to hire an attorney within 10 days. Each case is different as I navigate through the court system, argue to dismiss some or all of the charges, persuade jurors to sign the correct verdict, seek the lightest sentence possible, appeal to higher courts, and every possible task in between. The best lawyer is the attorney who will work hard to apply his experience and skills toward the best possible result in your case.

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If you or someone you know is in need of a lawyer contact me. During the free consultation, I can analyze your case based on years of experience handling similar cases, discuss your options and a payment plan that you may be able to afford. This is an excellent way to deal with your case and gain confidence in your decision whether to hire me.

New Mexico Criminal Defense Personal Injury Attorneys

New Mexico lawyer Steve Aarons, an experienced criminal defense attorney, who handles all felony charges including drug cases, DUI DWI, domestic violence, and probation violations. He also handles exceptional or catastrophic personal injury and civil rights cases. Call 505-984-1100 for a free consultation.